Top 5 Summer Health Tips – Day #17

Hey everyone!

I don’t think I talk about this much but living a healthy lifestyle is very important to me. I think it’s something that a lot of people don’t make time for when they really should. Winter is the time where people make more of an effort just because it’s easier to get sick. It’s important to keep healthy habits even during the summer


I think I talk about this a bit or at least mentioned my favourite sunscreen. Protecting your skin from the sun. The older you get the more at risk you are for skin cancer. As much as all my friends around me tell me that you can’t live your life in fear you can take two seconds to put on some sunscreen. I always recommend sunscreen that is organic and has ingredients you understand. It also helps with the discolouration of skin, sun rays make scars more prominent.


Drink water, hydrate! I know everyone hears this all the time but it really is important. If you don’t want to suffer a heat stroke or dehydration just drink some water. I always carry around a water bottle with me. That way it keeps me accountable with how much water I’m drinking. I just have one that came in a pack from Costco. There’s 24 oz in it. I try to drink two to three whole bottles a day. If I’m out in the sun for a lot of the day I try and drink more.

Physical Activity

Working out is always a good idea but I know a lot of people hate working out. So I suggest doing some light activity. I like to do Yoga every morning. (Or when I get my ass out of bed early enough) It’s not too hot yet and it’s quiet. It’s just a great experience. If you can drag out a yoga mat to your backyard and just spend a few minutes soaking up the fresh air then you will be feeling better than ever.


Vitamins are an iffy things. I’m no doctor but honest it’s important to be taking the supplements you need. I take the 1 A Day Woman vitamins because it has everything I need. I suggest talking to a doctor or pharmacist to see what could be best for you. I see a difference when I take my vitamins. I feel like my immune system is stronger and I don’t get as sick as often. It’s something I highly recommend looking into.

Your Diet

What you eat is really important to feel healthy. During the summer I feel like I gravitate towards fresh fruit and vegetables. It’s the perfect season to buy certain things. I find fruits and veggies are cheaper during this season. At the end of the day like the quote goes, you can’t outrun a bad diet. The best way to feel healthy during the summer is to skip the fast food and eat fresh food.

Well, I hope all these tips help you guys. I would love to hear you guy’s tips if you have some! Here’s to a happy and healthy summer.

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