“Creativity Takes Courage” – Day #13

Hey everyone!

I thought I would use a quote to prompt today’s post. I am currently studying in the Art field and I took a quote from someone we actually studied, Henri Matisse. Matisse is a French artist that was known for using bright colours and sculptures. I took his quote “Creativity Takes Courage” to talk to you guys today about taking risks and putting yourself out there.

It took me about two years before making this blog and deciding to dedicate myself to it. I was always just too scared of what people would think. I knew that I wanted to put myself out there and I wanted to blog. I knew I wanted to make YouTube Videos too. I just was too scared of the people I know judging me. I have since learned that they are my biggest supporters.

I think being a blogger or a YouTuber takes a lot of courage. You have to put yourself out to the world and hope that they receive you in the way you are hoping for. You also sorta give up a bit of your privacy because you talk about your life. Being a creative person is giving the world a side of you that you would otherwise keep to yourself.

Regardless if you are a blogger, YouTuber, painter, sculptor, writer, etc you are brave. You have taken the first step to being vulnerable and exposed. I think it is the most beautiful and impressive thing you could ever do.

I hope you guys start taking more chances even if you are scared. Wear that dress, or paint that picture or write that blog post. Do something that scared you just a little bit because those are the things that make us the happiest in the end.

My courageous act of creativity is writing a book. I’ve been trying to write more often and that has been really something I’m insecure about. I’ve always written but I never finished anything because I always felt like I wasn’t good enough. Now, I’m trying to push past that and just continue writing.

What are you guys acts of courageous creativity? I would love to hear what you guys are pushing yourselves to do.

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