Let’s Unplug – Day #12

Hey everyone!

How is everyone’s summer going? Mine is going amazingly! I wanted to write a post today about unplugging. I know that seems like a weird topic with me being a blogger, especially a blogger that is posting every day of the month of July.

Even people who love to write and be online need days where they just aren’t on the internet. I have a lot of people especially when they find out that I have a blog and a YouTube channel ask me what I would do without the internet. I find that question so ignorant. Sometimes even my grandparents say that I would never have been able to live in their generation, again ignorance.

The simple answer is there are plenty of times where I am not on my phone or on the internet. There are plenty of times that I spend one on one versus looking for wifi. The internet has become something to do when you’re bored or to see what others are doing. If I’m looking at my phone scrolling through Instagram it’s not because I can’t put it away it’s because I am bored and need something to do. I think there is a problem deeper than “addiction” when it comes to the internet. I think the problem is more that we need to be constantly doing something.

That is why I love unplug days. Those are days that I go out of my way to just not pick up my phone or play on my computer. I like to not use any electronics including watching TV. This doesn’t even have to be all day sometimes I set aside an hour of my day to do this. During that time I write in a notebook or I read a book. I just light some candles and put some nice lighting on and I just chill.

It doesn’t even have to be things I do by myself. I usually put my phone away when I’m with people. I don’t see the point of being on my phone when I’m with people. Unless, everyone is on their phone I just won’t touch mine.

All in all, this post is just about taking time off for yourself when you need it. You can always go back and see what you missed. That’s the best and worst part of the internet, whatever goes up stays there forever.

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