12 Questions With My Man – Day #9

Hey everyone!
Today I thought I would share with you guys my boyfriend. I have talked about him a lot on this blog and I thought it would be time to share a bit about him with you guys. So here is the interview I conducted.

What’s your name?


Your age?


Where are you from?

Guatemala originally but raised in Ottawa by my adoptive parents.

What do you want to do in life?

Not too sure. I want to make money.

What’s it like to date a blogger?

It’s fun, cause shit like this.

What’s your favourite hobby?

Video games.

What makes you happy?

My girlfriend. (AWW!!)

What makes you sad?


Your favourite season?


Your favourite book?

Harry Potter.

Do you like having your life online?

Sure. My life isn’t really online though.

We started off as long distance, is it easier now or harder?

It’s easier now.

As you can see he is the worst at giving full answers but nice enough to take part in this interview. (Not like he had a choice…oops) He really is awesome and helps me a lot with my blog. The best person I could ever ask to have in my life.

I hope you guys liked this little interview with my boyfriend. Does your significant other help with your blog or social media? If so I want to hear about it!

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