I’m Canadian, I’m American. – Day #4

Hey everyone!
You are maybe scratching your heads right now wondering what this post is about. Especially, after my Canada Day post. Well, as much as I am a proud Canadian, I was raised in the United States of America for 12 years.

It’s so strange to think about how I spent pretty much the first 12 years of my life on the other side of the border. I had to drop my French and learn English only to need to relearn it a few years later. I had an easy time in school and grew up with the American culture. Above all, I was an immigrant.

You can not tell people they are not allowed to live on land you don’t even own.

I feel like it’s important to make this fact known. No one told us to go back to our country or speak American. Why you may ask? Plain and simple, we were white. We had money and we were Christian. Not a lot of people will pint this out but when the Trump supporters scream to deport everyone I am not the person they are talking about.

On a day that celebrates patriotism and freedom, it is important to question those who only see people for there skin colour and religion. As families are currently being ripped apart as we live our lives of lavish and comfort. So this is a personal problem for me because what makes me different? Why am I okay and they aren’t?

North America used to be a place of salvation, a melting pot of all sorts of cultures. Though somewhere along the way there, Natives to the land were treated like pests and were given little space to claim their own. Your ancestors were immigrants. Your ancestors were in need of salvation to practice their religions and cultures freely. So what gives you the right to say no to other people? You can not tell people they are not allowed to live on land you don’t even own.

So this is what I leave on my blog for today. When we are celebrating our freedom and love of our country, remember this country isn’t yours. This country never belonged to you but you stole it. So you don’t get to tell people to go back to their country or speak American.

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