National Ice Cream Month – Day #2

Hey everyone!

It’s national ice cream month! I thought that was reason enough to make a blog post today. Who doesn’t love ice cream?

We went to get some ice cream on Canada Day. It was so hot we almost didn’t make it. We are currently going through a heat wave! The best way to cool off during a heat wave is air conditioning. The only problem is that we woke up this morning and our air conditioner broke. Of course right? So we decided the next best thing to cool off would be going to grab some ice cream.


My favourite ice cream is ice cream sandwiches. So, of course, I made us get the back of 25 that was on sale. You can see how hot the sun is just by looking at my skin. I am glowing! More like sweating like crazy and dying from the humidity.


This one even came with me. He’s just so cute so I had to get this picture in.

What is everyone’s favourite type of ice cream? Did you guys celebrate national ice cream month yet? I would love to hear from you guys. Till tomorrow xoxo

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