Happy Canada Day!! – Day #1

Hey everyone!
Happy Canada Day! For all those who don’t know, I am Canadian. I am currently living in Montreal. Though I wasn’t born in Canada both my parents are Canadian making me a legal Canadian citizen. (France has a blood law making you a citizen to whatever country they are citizens to) I am so proud to call myself Canadian and I’m happy to celebrate this day.

It’s funny because even though today is a day of Canadian pride I cant’ help but notice that the blog, YouTube, and social media “world” is very anglophone. It’s like everyone believes Americans are the only ones that can speak English. It’s like if you speak English people automatically assume you’re from the USA if you speak English. Today is my country’s day of celebration and I want to show there are other countries and languages in the game. There are proud people who can speak English that are not American. On top of that there are people who can say proudly they actually speak more than one language like me. I speak, write and read in French also.


Canada is a beautiful progressive country with many wonders. I talk about my own city here if you’d like to know a bit more about where I come from. There are incredible people, inventors and brands that come out of Canada. Canada is also a peaceful country that wants opportunities for everyone.

I am a Canadian blogger and I want everyone to see my difference and beauty because of it. Let’s stop Americanizing the social media world and celebrate our differences. So here is a toast to that and hopefully seeing more diversity in the future of social media for the years to come.

Cher Canada, on t’aime!

I also wanted to write a tiny little intro to my July month of blogging. I’ve been planning this for awhile and I felt like my blog really needed more attention. I really wanted to pour all my effort into this blog for 31 days. Blogmas was what put my blog on the map and I felt it was perfect to do it again to boost the traffic on here. As much as Blogmas sucked, I loved it. It made me realize how much I love blogging. So it’s time I start blogging my heart out.

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