My May Goals – Do More of What You Love

Hey everyone!

May is finally here! If you guys haven’t noticed, I prefer warm weather over the miserable Canadian winter. I feel like May is going to be a very motivating month. I think the change in weather and the sunshine is really going to help kick my butt into gear.

I really wanted to talk about my May goals with you guys. I didn’t really set anything in stone this month. I just wanted to have some general goals for the month.

I really want to dedicate more time to making better blog posts for you guys. I know I have been posting consistently for 3 months now but I don’t feel like my content is as good as it can be. As much as it is nice to say that I haven’t gone off schedule, if the content isn’t good it’s not really worth it. I feel like I haven’t made the posts I’ve been wanting to or YouTube videos for that matter.

I have a feeling this was because I was trying to juggle too much at once and I wasn’t able to put my 110% into anything. Everything I did slacked a bit. I’m hoping that with school being done and the only plans for this summer is work, I’ll be able to give more time to what I really want to do.

I had this big goal to get my blog and YouTube page to 100 followers/subscribers by June. I don’t think I will be able to reach that goal because I have not been able to give the time to hustle everything. As much as it was a nice goal I’m very far behind on both platforms to reach it. I’m not saying it’s impossible because I have not given up and I will try my hardest but it may not be realistic. (If you haven’t subscribed to my YouTube channel I highly suggest you all do. I promise really cool videos are coming.)

I think all around May is going to be a month of growing Collecting Glitter. I’ve never been so dedicated to a brand. I have given up a lot of blogs in the past but now I’m pushing forward and doing what I want to do.

Have you guys also felt like your life has been in the way of making the content you want to create? I would love to hear from you guys about trying to grow your platforms? I will see you guys soon!

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