A Little Dessert Adventure – Blogmas Day #16

My boyfriend and I have discovered an awesome little donut shop. Suzie Q is situated in Ottawa and is privately owned.

Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 4.02.26 PM

The first donut I tried is was called Peppermint Snowdrift. It was amazing! The place was super adorable and cozy. It was the most hipster cool place I had ever seen. I felt cool just being there. We decided to get 12 donuts to take home so we could try them.


Starting at the top left we grabbed a cinnamon donut it was very seasonal. The second one is lemon poppy seed. It was definitely one of my favourites but very sweet. I ate half and that was enough. The last on the top row is carrot cake. This one as my all time favourite. It was tasted just like a carrot cake. It was spot on.

Bottom left is coconut lime. It wasn’t what I was expecting. The vanilla icing kind of overpowered the coconut and lime but it was very good. The middle one is called Orange Galaxy Starburst. It was yummy and tasted like a traditional donut. The last one on the right was Raspberry Cassis. My boyfriend didn’t really like it. It was very tart. I found their raspberry very very sweet and strong.


Top left is salted caramel. I loved it. I love everything salted caramel. Enough said. In the middle is Maple Bacon. I didn’t really love this one. I found it though maple and bacon taste great together it didn’t on this donut. Top right is cookie and cream. It was like an oreo donut not going to lie.

Bottom left I completely forget what it was. It was basically a regular chocolate donut with chocolate rice krispies on top. The one in the middle is Cinnamon Toast Crunch. It’s everything you think it would taste. Very yummy. Dirty Chocolate is the last one on the bottom left. It was very similar to the other chocolate one. We both prefered this one though.

They use the same donut base for all the donuts. It’s a regular white donut. I didn’t mind it but I felt that for some of the flavors they could have added cinnamon to the donut batter for example.

It was definitely a fun little adventure. We had a lot of fun. It definitely worth a visit if you’re ever in the Ottawa area. Who doesn’t like a real homemade donut?


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