Christmas Card Love – Blogmas Day #14

Nothing screams holidays today as much as cards. Every year my parents would send out a Christmas card with an awesome shot from a photoshoot we did. Like the ones you get done in the mall. Later on it was done by a friend of my mothers. Once my parents got divorced we stopped sending them. Once we moved to Canada, we stopped getting them. Maybe it’s a culture thing. I love it though and I will continue the tradition.

IMG_5459They may not have my face on them but I found them too cute. I have brown hair, the cartoon has brown hair. It was perfect. I loved the art so much I found the artist on instagram and started following her.

I got a pack from Winners for about 6 or 7$ dollars. There’s 20 of them and it comes with 4 different prints.


If you like Melsys’ art make sure to check her out on all her social media. Her prints are absolutely gorgeous. I honestly recommend looking into her art.



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