F*ck Snow – Blogmas Day #13

Can I use that as a title? It’s my blog, who cares, I do what I want. I hate snow. I hate it so much. It is the worst thing that has happened to North America. It’s cold, wet and slippery. All the things I hate.

We got our first snow and guess who had to walk through it, this girl. I had to stomp through the snow on my way to work. I proceeded to freeze my ass off for 22 minutes. That would be the exact amount of time it take to walk to work. Yes, I’ve calculated. I almost slipped, fell and broke myself a couple of times. Now snow isn’t what’s actually slippery it’s the ice underneath. Of course everything freezes under snow right? Why not. Let’s just make it shitty for everyone involved why don’t we?

I was at work and of course I had a cash close to the door. So every time someone would come in I got an awesome breeze of cold wet air. Slush was everywhere from boots. Again slippery floor. I have work shoes on. They don’t exactly have grip on them. So who’s ass is going to hit the floor? Me. I also didn’t bring a sweater so I was so cold.

I will admit from a safe place, like inside nice and toasty, snow is kinda pretty. It’s nice to watch. It looks cool as it falls. It makes beautiful pictures. Just don’t ever ask me to play in it. Try again. All winter activities for me is a no. Skating maybe. Anything that has to do with snow, example, skiing, snowboarding, sledding, hiking, hockey, etc are not for me. Why? The snow. The cold. The wet.

Have you ever noticed how wet you are after playing in the snow. Oh I have. I stopped playing in the snow when I was old enough to tell everyone to eat yellow snow. I used to have to be forced to go outside for 2 hours. They wanted to kill me. Maybe that’s why I hate snow so much. Traumatic memories.

I mean I could go on forever on why I hate snow. I honestly could but I should stop myself before it gets out of hand. Please tell me I’m not the only one who hates snow. If you like it…well I’m sorry.


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18, writer, photographer, annoying activist. I like to spread love and happiness.

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