Wrap em Up Baby – Blogmas #12

I love to wrap gifts. I just do. I know plenty of people who hate it but I can’t get enough. My dad even makes me wrap his gifts for him because he can’t stand it. I specifically love to have my own signature when I wrap gifts.

I like to stick to the same wrapping paper. I pick one out so everyone knows those gifts are from me. This year I picked out a white paper with purple snowflakes on them. I thought it was simple but very elegant. It’s neutral too. I can be seen as feminine and masculine.


I decided to decorate my gifts with white ribbon. You know the kind that makes it impossible to open your gifts. Yeah that kind. My options where, blue, pink, yellow or white. I found the white when the best with the paper. Originally I thought the pink was red and I was going to use it. Alas, it was a weird red pink that didn’t look too good with the paper.


I picked out tags for each present from a set that someone had bought last year from Costco. I don’t remember ever seeing them before so I decided to use them. For some of the presents I went with tags that matched the gift. It’s like a sneak peak almost.


I took a semester in fine arts and I learned real quick that I was not meant to be an artist. I love it though. I enjoy having fun and wrapping gifts is one of the ways I get to have that fun. You don’t need to be a professional or make your wrapping paper from scratch to have cool looking gifts. As long as you put your love into it, it will looks great.


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18, writer, photographer, annoying activist. I like to spread love and happiness.

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