Gift Giving Guide: Boys – Blogmas Day #11

I can’t be the only one who finds it so hard to shop for boys. They’re like mythical creatures, you know you’ve heard of them liking things but you haven’t seen it. This is my no fail guide to getting something for a special guy in your life without the cheese.


I did this for my brother’s birthday and he was over the moon. Winners and Marshall’s have name brand things for way cheaper. Sometimes it’s last season but during Christmas they pull out some newer items. What guy doesn’t want a Versace or Gucci perfume in their collection. It makes them feel like 1000 bucks.


Some guys are picky but if your man isn’t pick one of these up. I find that you can get away with getting a cheaper one if you get it engraved. That makes it special. Like the perfume you can pick out out from Winners or Marshalls if you really want a brand name. 

Joke gift

You can do inside jokes with boys too. Whatever your inside is get it in gift form. Whether it be a nickname or just something that leaves you both crying from laughter, this is a great gift idea. 

That big gift

Now if the budget is right and you really love this person, just buy that big gift. The gift that they won’t stop talking about. Like video games or a clothing item. Be sneak and grab it. It makes their whole holiday. It shows you listen and care about what they’re into.

Side table dish

Are they always losing things? They swear they had a twenty but don’t know where they left it. Or they can’t find their chain that they swear up and down they left in the bathroom. This baby is the item they need. It may seem weird but trust me it works. They’ll finally stop losing their twenties and keys.

Silly socks

Socks are a great gift. I don’t care what anyone says. Especially socks that are the equivalent to an ugly sweater. Pull out those reindeer and santa socks. It’s a laugh but very practical. Everyone seems to need socks even when they don’t.

So here are my six ideas on what to get a special dude for Christmas. Hopefully this helps with your own creative gift giving ideas.


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