Best Lips for Winter – Blogmas Day #10

It’s the battle of the lip colours liquid vs stick. Well, I have grouped together all my favourite colours for this winter. I have 6 from each group. I tried to pull some from both high end and drugstore so there’s some in everyone’s budget.

Starting with the liquid:

L’Oréal – Infallible Pro Matte Liquid Lipstick (368 – Matador) – 12,44$ CAD

The best liquid lipstick I have ever tried and it’s from the drug store. This lipstick I swear lasts 24 hours like it claims. I don’t ever have to touch-ups. It goes on smoothly and dries quickly. You can eat, drink, kiss, this stuff doesn’t come off. It even takes some heavy duty makeup remover to get this baby off.  If you’re going to party your days away during Christmas this should be your go to. It’s a classic red. (Comes a few other great colors too that I need to get)



Hard Candy – Velvet Mousse Matte Lip (Wisteria) – About 6-8$ CAD

Now this one when I first got it I wasn’t too sure about it. It doesn’t dry down all the way for my liking. It’s one of the cheaper lipsticks on this list. I just absolutely love the color too much not to add it to the list. It’s a lot different from your usual Christmas color. It’s more of a daring look.



Huda Beauty – Liquid Matte (Trophy Wife) -26$ CAD

I find this is the prettiest purple nude. It looks more orange in the bottle which threw me off a bit when I put it on. It dries down more purple. It’s very light weight. Do I believe it’s worth the price? Not really but it is a nice color.



Rimmel London – Apocalips Lip Lacquer (303 – Apocaliptic) – 13,18$ CAD

It’s bright pink! How about shaking it up from traditional red to pink? I think this lip lacquer is the coolest. I rarely wear it unless I really want to make a statement. (Black and purple doesn’t shock my family anymore)



NYX – Lip Lingerie (Push-Up) – 7$ CAD

I love these liquid lips. I know a lot of people don’t but I really don’t have a problem with them. They are a bit sticky but I find they last pretty well and they look great on the lips. For a cheaper alternative these ones really do the trick.



Kat Von D – Liquid Lip (Lolita) – 24$ CAD

I actually don’t love this liquid lipstick for many reasons. It’s off my lips within an hour. But the color for that one picture is awesome. There’s a lot of people that rave about Kat Von D’s liquid lips. So maybe I just got a bad batch or the wrong color. Whatever it is I’d have to try another to actually bash it. As I know it’s a very popular one among other bloggers I thought I’d put it on my list.



And the Sticks:

Revlon – Colorburst Lip Butter (030 – Fig Jam) – 8,46$

My favourite go to everyday color. When you want a little tint but nothing too noticeable. It’s the best for work, especially if you work somewhere with strick makeup rules. It keeps my lips hydrated too.


GET IT HERE – Similar

Rimmel London – Lasting Finish By Kate (107) – 6,98$

A classic, enough said. Everyone loves this color. It also smells so good! It’s known as one of Zoe Sugg’s favourite reds. I think I bought it because of her. It’s beautiful just drying.



Maybelline – Color Whisper (30 – Pin Up Peach) – NOT SOLD ANYMORE

Apparently these aren’t sold anymore but I’m 99% sure that I saw some at my local Walmart the other day. They’re so hydrating! Very similar to the Revlon Colorburst they have a little tint that make them perfect for everyday if you don’t like anything flashy.


TIGI – Lipstick (Fierce)

I stole this from my Mother, I’m not going to lie. This is my favourite “I’m going to kickass” lipstick. It’s fierce just like it’s name. The perfect Christmas red if you ask me. Also the packaging is so beautiful and simple. It stays on for awhile and it looks beautiful on.


Rimmel London – Lasting Finish By Kate (30) – 6,98$

I love the Lasting Finish collection by Rimmel. Though I find their lipsticks drying, though color is worth it. Who doesn’t like a nice berry lip during the winter? Most people associate berry with fall but I find that it works just as well during the winter months.



Revlon – Super Lustrous Lipstick (535 – Rum Raisin)

Now my all time favourite lipstick. It’s the right brown/nude for me. It’s my year around wear. I love the color like no other. I had a very very very old (I probably should have been wearing it old) MAC lipstick. It was called Retro. They don’t sell it anymore and don’t have a similar color. The new Retro is not the same color, it’s more red than brown. So I had to find a replacement. This is what I came up with.



So here it is. All the colors I will be wearing this winter. As you can see I don’t stick to one lipstick. I like to play around. I usually go with whatever I’m in the mood to wear or what matches my outfit. Are there any stand out colors for you guys?


*These are my affiliate links. I do make a percentage off of every click.


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