A 19 Year Old’s Wish List – Blogmas Day #7

If your family is anything like mine, your list needs to be ready before December 1st. I even get family members asking for a list right after my birthday in September. They know who they are. I’ve always gotten what was on my list since I was very young. I have very few people that branch out and go off the list.

So here is what I am asking for this year. Maybe it will give you guys an idea for someone my age or yourselves.

  1. A Real Wallet

I have one of those tiny wallets that fit one card at the moment. I really want a nice big one so I can actually fit everything. It something I’ve wanted for a bit but didn’t want to buy myself. There’s a an awesome collection of them at Indigo/Chapters at the moment.

2. Tripod, Camera Lenses

I want more camera equipment so I can take better pictures and maybe film some stuff. These things are more on the pricier side but can make a really good “big gift”.

3. HP Sproket Photo Printer

It’s just so cool. It’s like a mini printer for your phone. It prints out photos looking similar to polaroids. I thought that was really handy for decorating. Or just being able to have physical copies of the photos on my phone.

4. The Red Selena Gomez Coach Purse

Now this one I just threw out there. My whole family has known for a bit that I really want this purse. It’s way too expensive and I doubt anyone will get it. Hey, I thought I’d at least try.

5. Laptop Sleeve

I bought myself a MacBook a little bit ago but I don’t have a case for it. I have a computer bag from my previous laptop (which was way bigger). I need something smaller and better for on the go but will still protect my computer.

I asked for a few more bits but this pretty much covers all the big items. I usually get 3 gifts. It’s always been that way. What are your wish lists this year?


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