Christmas Ornament Tradition – Blogmas Day #5

Ornaments are a big thing for my family. We have a box dedicated just to ornaments that have special meaning. Whether it’s crafts, ornaments bought for us or simply ones we picked out, it’s the most important part of our tree.

I feel like it’s what makes a christmas tree a christmas tree, the memories of past christmases. Sadly, a few years back we lost a lot of our ornaments in a flood. It was a really devastating time for my family. So, today I decided to to talk about my favourite pieces that survived.


This is a little mitten craft I made when I was 3. I find it so random that I had to share how ugly it is. I have zero recollection of making this. I do have a lot of memories of putting it on the tree though. I don’t remember a christmas where I didn’t put this guy in the tree.


I was a bit older when I got this one. It was a gift in my stocking if I remember correctly. It’s a little girl reading. She’s from the Willow Tree Collecting and she’s called Wisdom. My mother had bought her for me because it reminded her of me. A little brunette with her head always in a book. I am still like that, to this day.


I made this 3 or 4 years ago. This is one of the most recent additions to the tree. I have made this the Winter after we lost a lot of ornaments in the flood. My mother insisted that we make homemade ornaments and this is what I came up with.


The binky and the shoe in the back are both gifts from my godmother. She passed away January of  2015 making these bits very special. My mother was given the binky for me when I was born. I find it so beautiful and plan on keeping it for my own trees one day.


This one has seen better days. We were able to salvage it from the flood but it did lose a few decorations. This was a gift I made for my parents at school.


Another school project. This time it’s my kindergarten photo. There is clearly a theme going on…I am absolutely the worst artist known to mankind. I still think it’s nice to see how far I’ve come and I add it to this blog post with pride.


Last but not least. This is one of the only ornaments left from when my grandmother was little. The other ones were really broke very easily. I think we cherish it because we know how much it means to my mother and her mother. I hope that it doesn’t break before I move out. I do really want to take it with me.

Do any of you guys have special ornaments or christmas traditions?


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