Casual Winter OOTD – Blogmas Day #2

I still refuse to wear a coat. As someone who lives in Quebec if it’s 3 degrees outside it’s not coat season. So, I stick to my new staple piece, faux leather jacket.

December 2017

I picked my green jacket up at my local winters. There’s a story behind it actually. I really wanted a red sweater. I don’t own one and I felt like it was a must have for the cold months. After finding one I love at Zara’s I decided not to buy it. It wasn’t worth the 60$ price tag. So, I continued on my search. After finding a similar red leather jacket at Forever 21, they only came in the size small.

Finally, I found this one at Winners. What caught my eye was a 100% Vegan tag pinned to it. I suddenly forgot my dream of a red sweater. Right next to it was my cream Ralph Lauren Polo turtleneck. It was a match made in heaven.

unnamed (1)

I put on my comfortable and trusty Garage leggings. The best way to dress up any snug outfit is to throw on a pair of fun heels. These are my favourite ones that my Mother has own for a bit.

I threw on a scarf to keep warm and my favourite Aldo bag and voila you are ready for a casual winter day.


Soon I’m going to have to give in and actually wear a winter coat. Till that day comes I will stick to faux leather jackets and heels.


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