Christmas Body Products Haul – Blogmas Day #1

Who’s excited? I’m excited! It’s the holiday season! (the holiday season) I had too haha. I thought the best way to kick off the cold, snowy, dreary yet happiest time of the year would be with a haul. I went overboard. I have a problem. I also had a gift card. So, I bought my body weight in Christmas themed bath products. I know…

The first place I stopped by was Bath and Body works. I love this place like no other. I love their lotion but I barely use them. I save it for special occasions. Am I the only one who does that? Probably.

I have a feeling that Bath and Body Works use the same scents every year but change the packaging. Maybe they change the scent just a bit, tweak it. That still doesn’t stop me clearly. I absolutely love the Coconut Mint scent. It reminds me of the chocolate peppermint from a few years back. I bought the lotion, body wash and the body spray. They were having a deal where it was 6 pieces from the winter collection for about 30$.


I also grabbed the WinterCandy Apple spray and the Snow Mornings spray. I love perfumeand I couldn’t resist. I like to change my scent with every season. I feel like in the summertime I need to wear something light and the winter something stronger.

Of course I got candles. Enough said.


I also grabbed a few other bits that aren’t Christmassy. I am obsessed with their Lavender and Sandalwood aromatherapy collection. I grabbed the shower wash and the oil. I think that will be used after Christmas for the new year. One of my goals for 2018 is to take better care of my skin.

I never really go into Lush. I love their products but I find them more on the pricier side. I have a hard time dropping 6, 8, 12 dollars on a bath bomb that is usually for one use. I split their bath bombs for as long as possible. I put it in for a few seconds and then take it out. I dry it off then put it away for the next time.


I decided to treat myself. I bought one of their boxes. I selected the Jolly Holidays box. (This box is labeled as vegan) I find this is the best way to try a bunch of their products without breaking the bank. I chose a very appropriate Christmas theme. I also added the Christmas Sweater bath bomb and the The Magic of Christmas bubble bar. It smells so good. I used the Christmas Sweater bomb and bubble bar before taking pictures. I was too excited. I tried my best to style them so they didn’t look wonky.

All in all, I will be smelling all sorts of goodness this Christmas season. Happy December 1st! Let’s make it a good one.


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