Top 5 Tips for Back to School Confidence

We all do it every year. So why is starting school so scary? Why do we get so nervous every time school starts up again. Realistically we know it’s usually going to be relatively the same people and the same building. Yet we are still paralyzed with fear.

I feel the unknown scares a lot of people making them lose their confidence. This is my top 5 tips for starting the school year right.


My biggest tip is to know that no one is watching you. No one cares if you go to the wrong class or you’re not wearing the best trend. If they are noticing those things than they are not your friend to begin with.


Talk to people, don’t be scared. I learned over time that if you ask people if they have a pet it starts off a good conversation. People mostly have one and if they don’t they will talk about a pet they want. It’s okay to throw yourself into a conversation, it how you can make new friends. 30 seconds of insane courage is the best advice I have ever been given.


Make sure you tell your friends your fears. Your friends are definitely there to support you. If they aren’t helping you then they’re not real friends. Your girl gang needs to be there for you at all times. Especially when you’re not too confident in something like starting school.


Popularity is not everything. It won’t necessarily make you feel better about yourself if everyone is looking up to you. It creates pressure. You don’t need that on top of everything. Your social status should not be the most important thing to you. Just be you and everything will go how it should.


It’s not like the movies and that’s okay. You won’t be singing in the hallways, the most popular guy may never notice you, the bad boy will be an ass that will not fall in love with you, etc. Movies are glorified make believe. It will just leave you disappointed.


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18, writer, photographer, annoying activist. I like to spread love and happiness.

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