What am I even doing this year??


So as everyone who read my blog post about graduation knows, I’ve finally finished my high school. (A hundred years later, I know) But what am I doing from here on out?

Well it’s not exactly that simple. I had previously gone to college before finishing my high school. What were they thinking letting me in?? I failed out because it was in French and well we all know that story.

Since I failed out of college it’s been very hard to get into an English one. My high school grades are great but my college ones suck. I’m sure you guessed it, college grades are more important.

So what am I doing this year? I decided to do two things. The first being applying to a school out of my province. (There’s like only 3 English colleges close to my home, making getting in very difficult to get in because of the lack of options for Anglophones.) The second being applying to nigh school. I will be doing college credit courses till I get an answer from Algonquin. The night school starts earlier here than Algonquin starts. The credited courses will help improve my college grades in general making it easier to get into a college close to me.

The ultimate goal is to be back in college in a communications program by Winter 2018. I will admit jumping through hoops for so long has been very frustrating. All I want to do is learn and the system is making it close to impossible. I do know that everything happens for a reason. What I go through is to bring me to a bigger and better purpose in life.


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