Rainy Vacation Packing List

IMG_5010.JPGIt may look like I’m packing a lot but trust me this is very light from what I usually pack. I wanted to keep it light but I’m still going for five days so I still need stuff. IUnfortunately, it’s looking like it’s going to be mostly humid and rainy the whole time we’re going which is definitely a bummer. So I needed to pack a few things that I know will keep me warm or covered from the rain.

I get cold very easily so I always need a pair of warm comfy pants, fluffy socks, and a sweater. Especially since we’re going to be hanging around at my grandparents camping some nights. Sitting by the fire in the comfiest, dry and warm clothes is the absolute best.

I packed 5 outfits including, top, bottom, and underwear. I also stuck to 2 bras for the vacation. I debated a sports bra but ended up deciding not to bring it. It was taking up space for an item I probably was not going to use anyways.

I also decided on bringing only 3 pairs of shoes, flip flops, very flexible sneakers that are the best travel sneaker ever and one pair of heels. My family is notorious for going to at least one fancy dinner when we go on vacation that’s why I always bring one nice outfit and some nice shoes. This year I’m bringing my new black booties and a comfortable flowy dress.

I have two bathing suits and one cover up. Usually, I’d bring 3 or 4 but I never really wore all of the time. I typically stick to my favorites. I don’t know why everytime I go on vacation I pack like I actually wear more than 2 outfits in a week. I am always in the same PJs or like my work uniform.

I stuck to my classic PJ pants and comfy shirt. I didn’t pack a warm PJ because I already am bringing sweat pants. No need to pack double to amount when something can be multipurpose.


What I’m bringing for bathroom essentials. I’m bringing a small bag with makeup in it. It really has the basics in it, concealer, powder, a small eye palette, mascara and a lipstick. I know I won’t really be wearing makeup but I figured if I wanted to dress up a bit for dinner or something I should at least have something to play with.

I’m also taking my favorite sunscreen by Aloe Up and their after sun jelly. My toiletries including toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, and body wash. I’m also taking a body cream because I like to hydrate my skin after being in the sun all day. I really love Bath and Body Works products. They are absolutely amazing. I have very sensitive skin and these work like a charm which is rare for creams that have strong scents to them.


I’m also bringing the books I mentioned in my previous post and a little notebook to jot down some ideas in while I’m gone. I will not be bringing my computer so I will be kicking it old school pen and paper.

Last but not least my cameras. I will be bringing my cameras on vacation to film a Through My Eyes video. I will also have my phone charger in there and a few other things like headphones. I hate tagging all of it along but it’s the best way to get those videos done.


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