How to get away on a family vacay – My top 6 tips!

If you have a family like mine family vacation sounds fun up until you’re at the night before or early that morning and your parents are freaking out trying to pack the car. It starts off in chaos everyone is in the car there’s already been at least one meltdown from a younger sibling.

It’s lunch time, you’re two hours into the car ride. You’ve heard Ed Sheeran on the radio about 10 times in the last hour. Your siblings have had a total of 3 meltdowns one last 15 minutes because they were hot. Then a fight breaks out your sister wants McDonald’s your brother Burger King, you just want some peace and quiet.

Your parents decide on Wendy’s. Another meltdown by both siblings. You just want wifi so you can check Instagram. You eat in the car. You know you’re going to have to pee in about an hour because of the soft drink. So you stop again, parents annoyed.

Eventually, you get there and the rest of the week is crap. It rains 3 out of 5 days. You’re cranky, tired and just want to eat a meal that doesn’t have sand in it. You got a sunburn the first day so no sun for you. You want to murder one of your siblings for a decent night of sleep.

Thankfully you’re leaving. You pack the car in the rain. It’s freezing. Everything is wet. Your parents literally throw everything in without the same amount of care as when your first left. They say you’ll stop by one last sight to see before officially getting on the road back.


So here are my tips on how to make a family vacation fun, relaxing and less a colossal mess you remember it being.
1. Stop stressing about things going wrong

Things happen. Plans get ruined. It rains the whole time, the place you booked sucks, there’s no running water, the bathroom is a mile away. Whatever the problem maybe you have to make the most of it.

2. Attitude is everything

If you bitch and moan and complain the whole time, you’re not going to be happy. Your attitude towards things definitely has an impact on the situation. Stay positive and be happy.

3. You’re going to do things you hate and won’t do the things you want to do

The crappy part of family vacations is not getting your vote. Everyone wants to go fishing but you wouldn’t be caught dead. It’s one of those things that you’re just going to have to let go. Make the most of it. Bring a book, try and fish. Whatever makes the situation seem and feel better.

4. Get a good enough amount of sleep

If you’re chilling it by the fire and everything one is just telling stories, you can slip away and go to bed. No one is forcing you to stay out till the fire dies. Go to bed early if you can. More times than not you have to wake up early on vacation to do all that sight seeing. If you’re always going to bed late and waking up early, you’re not going to feel rested.

5. Try and make healthier food options

I know that seems impossible but you can still eat take out and make better choices. Try and do a groceries and eat from the place you’re staying as much as possible. You’ll feel all around better.

6. Take breaks – Quiet time

Sometimes you need a good book or nap on vacation. Take it. If you take at least a 30-minute break from everyone you won’t feel like jumping at everyone’s throat.


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